About HRH Prince Vladimir

His Royal Highness Prince Vladimir Karadjordjevic is the eldest son of the late HRH Prince Andrej and the grandson of HRH King Aleksandar I Karadjordjevic. HRH Prince Vladimir is also the great great great great grandson of Her Majesty Queen Victoria and a nephew of Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth. Prince Vladimir’s mother was Her Serene Highness Princess Kira-Melita of Leiningen, the daughter of Her Imperial Highness Marie, the Grand Duchess of Russia and the 6th Prince of Leiningen. His Royal Highness Prince Vladimir was born in London in 1964, and lived there untill his family – his parents, his brother Prince Dimitri and his sister Princess Lavinia-Marie, moved to Portugal in 1968. After the divorce of his parents in 1973, HRH Prince Vladimir with his mother, brother and sister, returned to United Kingdom in 1975. His father HRH Prince Andrej moved to the USA. HRH Prince Vladimir was then schooled at a Royal Naval College in London. After the college, he graduated on the faculty of sales managment and commerce. He worked in the field of sales managment for the couple of firms before starting his own company in the area of travel business. He now works as a professional public relations and marketing director. HRH Prince Vladimir has a passion for flying which is his most important hobby. From the beginning of the civil war in former Yugoslavia, he is dedicated to the humanitarian work of help to the victims of war. Together with his wife, HRH Princess Brigitta, Prince Vladimir runs a humanitarian organisation „Mother and Child Relief Foundation“, which organized many humanitarian aid projects since 1999, especially in Kosovo and Metohija. Before this huge project, HRH Prince Vladimir was chairman of two other charities which chanelled humanitarian aid to former Yugoslavia since 1991. Since 2016, and passing away of HRH Prince Aleksandar, HRH Prince Vladimir is the patron and leader of the Sovereign Military Order of the Dragon.