Collectivism is a category opposite to the prevailing individualism of today. Individualism, as the legacy of bourgeois society, is nothing more than a hypertrophied egotism, which stems from pride. Individualistic emphasis on ego and self-sufficiency has led to the fact that the individual in the contemporary social context is alienated – from others and from himself. Individualism, in addition to one’s alienation from the modern society, has led to a complete atomization of the society, in which it has lost all its meaning. All the paradigms of traditional society are reduced to the level of simulacrum, that is, to the level of a pale image of its original meaning. A return to the position of collectivism seems necessary. The only alternative to the absurdity of modern atomized society is organizing, in which an individual stands in organic and constructive relationship with the group, which he is a part of. Thus, he ceases to be discarded, unneeded wheel of a dehumanized social machinery that tolerates only absolute subordination to the production of capital. An individual within the collective ceases to be proud, self-sufficient and exclusively occupied with his own gain and pleasure, but approaches the collective, with a desire to give something and not just take. He no longer takes himself first and foremost, but wants to sacrifice his own interests for the collective to which he belongs. He wants to obey the authority within the hierarchy as a natural state. In such a situation, giving becomes two-way – the collective returns in the same way. In this way, an organic unity of the individual and collective is created. A situation is created in which the interest of oneself and of the collective to which one belongs, are not opposed. Thus, an organic society is created. It is important to understand that the readiness to sacrifice is embodied in the will of the individual to submit to the collective interests and to serve them, and is a prerequisite for the collective to begin to respond by serving to the individual. Collectivism is a form of social organization that does not tolerate pride in the slightest. Collectivism is based on the basic paradigm of chivalry – the sacrifice.