Cult of the ancestors

The cult of ancestors, or respecting those who were here before us, is an element of traditionalism. The cult of ancestor veneration is an expression of our confrontation with our own egoism and pride, which are suggesting that everything before or after us does not matter. Likewise, the respect for ancestors on a collective level represents affiliation with a particular tradition (a nation, an organic model of civilization…), which is a guarantee of movement in the same or similar direction, so that the continuity of this tradition will be extended and even more built upon. Also, on a collective level, the respect for ancestors, which is not merely a fossilized form, is an expression of our responsibility towards our own tradition, or the awareness that we must responsibly dispose with our ancestors’ legacy. In mystical terms, the cult of ancestors is a form of synergy outside the real time of all the members of our tradition – those who are no longer here, ourselves and those that will come after us. It is us who are in the real time, that are the messengers within this dialogue, and therefore our responsibility is great.