Self-discipline is a method that brings an individual out of his initially imperfect inner state to a better state. The starting point is that every individual is imperfect at the beginning, in the spiritual, intellectual and physical sense. The process of working on oneself, or self-discipline to which one willingly subjects oneself, leads to a better state of being. This cultivation of one’s being embodied through the process of self-discipline applies to all three main spheres of propagation of the human being: the spirit, the intellect and the body. Historically, it may be the concept of chivalry, as an integral system of life and action, in which for the first time in European civilization, we meet the synergy of simultaneous development of one’s own spirit, body and intellect. A knight had to strictly adhere to the Christian liturgical process by living as a monk, he had to constantly improve his body by practicing military skills and he had to expand his knowledge by studying the concepts of strategy, military science and history. This method is not confined only to the period of feudalism. On the contrary, it is applicable in all situations and in all epochs. It is only important to understand that man is not perfect and that he can always reach a better state, if he undergoes a process of strict and uncompromising self-discipline.