Patronage to Isetsk Cossack Army, January 2019.


On the 13th of January 2019, HRH Prince Vladimir officialy signed his patronage to the Isetsk Cossack Army. The event was organized in the cabinet of HRH prince Vladimir in Belgrade. On the same occasion was held a meeting of Prince Vladimir with the officials of the cabinet and the Sovereign Miltary order of the Dragon. The main topic of this meeting was the current situation in Serbia’s southern province, Kosovo i Metohija. After the meeting, Prince Vladimir held a press conference and gave his interview for the media.

Prohibition of entry to Kosovo and Metohija, November 23rd, 2018.

Dejan Damnjanovic, chief of cabinet of HRH Prince Vladimir Karadjordjević and commander of the Sovereign Military Order of the Dragon was not allowed yesterday to enter Kosovo and Metohija and the official document of prohibition of the entry to Kosovo was handed to him. The only reason for this is the humanitarian activity of Mr Damnjanović on behalf of the cabinet and the order and the aid to Serbian population in Kosovo and Metohija. We strongly insist that all relevant international institutions put pressure on the government of Kosovo to pull back this decision which represents a threat to the basic human right of freedom of movement..